Monday, 20 May 2013

Birthday cake revenge

Jane Asher and I make cakes. She does it for money, I do it for love.

Noddy birthday cake
One of mine: Noddy with acne

Elaborate cake by Jane Asher - Street Party
One of Jane's

When my 9 year old requested that I go to a shop and buy a 'proper' cake for her birthday this year, I had mixed feelings - and decided to get my own back on her.

I arranged a very last minute Mad Hatter's Tea Party with heart-shaped sandwiches, layered jellies, dormice and cakes. Just as things were starting to get messy, we announced the arrival of The Cake with a great fanfare. The lights were turned off, blinds lowered, eyes covered, and I placed it in front of her: a cake that was an inch in diameter, covered with pink buttercream bearing a single pink heart-shaped candle. As she teetered on the precipice of tears and laughter, I explained that it had shrunk, as things are wont to do in Wonderland. (Luckily, there was a large pink shop-bought cake waiting in the wings.)

Here are some of my past creations:

Teddy bear child's birthday cake
Nice face, shame about the arms

Birthday cake decorated with sweets, pink icing, and a cake frill
Decorated by a 5 year old (Christmas decorations in May!)
Cake frills cover a multitude of sins - and mean you don't have to bother icing the sides

Plate of cupcakes decorated with fairies in garden setting
Hummingbird Bakery's dulce de leche cupcakes which provoked the following outburst:
"I don't like cakes, I don't like icing, and I certainly don't like fairies"!

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