Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Finger-lickin'-chicken fajitas

At the risk of turning into my ex-boyfriend's mother, who cooked the same meals on a 
seven day rotation, I often cook fajitas on Wednesdays as both children are home from school at a reasonable time and we all love them. So, no culinary compromises today, and you could even enlist their help with avocado-mashing, cheese grating, and pudding.  

cockerel in a garden setting
Take one chicken...

Finger-lickin' chicken fajitas

Chicken (thigh fillets, trimmed of fat, are our preference)
An onion or 2
Red pepper
Fajita seasoning 
Flour tortillas

Sour cream
Grated cheese
Guacamole (easily made with a soft avocado mushed up with half a clove of crushed garlic, some lime juice and salt)

Chop onions and pepper and fry over a medium heat until soft. Remove from pan, turn up the heat, add a splosh of oil and fry the chicken which you have cut into strips. Add about a tablespoon of fajita seasoning and mix well. When the chicken is nearly done tip the onions and peppers back into the pan and mix again. I serve a little heap of this on a tortilla and let everyone help themselves to the accompaniments. 

Back to mothers-in-law... Mine is (in)famous for her outlandish culinary creations but here's one which is definitely worth sharing. No baking required - but it's dangerously more-ish.

Rice Crispie Toffee Crunch

4oz butter
4oz toffees
4oz marshmallows
5oz Rice Crispies 

Melt butter, toffee and marshmallows together in a pan, slowly. Add Rice Crispies and stir well. Put into a greased tin and cut up when cool and set. Can be topped with melted chocolate of your choice, but I think this is gilding the lily. Here's one I made earlier this year for the jubilee celebrations:

rice crispie cake decorated with union jack flag

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  1. Just stocked up on quark thanks to your last posts...... I'm raring to go. Blackberries all gone, but blueberry ideas welcome!! (Not pancakes though. Done that). Oh and butternut squash please.....