Sunday, 11 November 2012

Freeloading Friday

Table containing teapot, mugs, chocolate chilli cake, lemon muffins, mince pies
Elevenses at Amanda's

If you like eating great food for free, invite yourself round to your friends' houses at mealtimes. Look what a lovely spread A has laid on for elevenses (above): chilli chocolate cake, crunchy lemon muffins and mince pies with homemade mincemeat, complete with roaring log fire and cuddly spaniel.

I left there on a sugar high and in a state of great excitement to collect my pretty new business cards. Unfortunately they had been rather badly botched, saving me 50%, but meaning that they are really only fit for scraping ice off the car windows or sticking up in phone boxes in the wrong end of town.

Things started looking up when I arrived at M's to find her slaving over some recipes from the latest Ottolenghi cookbook, which has been kindly published by Mr O for all those people too poor to live near one of his eateries. Such philanthropy, such generosity. We ate meatballs with barberries (heard of them?), roasted red onions and butternut squash with tahini, and a courgette, tomato and yogurty-herby salad. A total taste sensation.

Casserole containing meatballs with barberries
Ottolenghi's meatballs with barberries

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