Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Jamie Oliver, eat my shorts!

So Jamie can make money from a book telling you to make toasted cheese sandwiches. But I can tell you how to make one for free.

Cheese and ham toasted sandwich on a plate
Cheese, ham, tomato and chilli jam toasted sandwich
After a decidedly ascetic lunch of Raisin Wheats and skimmed milk, I was really looking forward to a hot, savoury meal. But I forgot to make one, and returned home too late to start. So I made a sandwich, put it in a toasted sandwich maker and took it out and ate it when the bread went a bit brown. My sandwich had grated Cheddar, sliced tomato, decent ham and a shimmer of chilli jam in it.

Nicely rounded off with a bit of yesterday's cherry crumble.

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