Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Proud moments

As William and Kate emerged from St Mary's with their new baby, I was having a proud moment of my own. I was eating my first ever home-grown, perfect and totally organic cauliflower.

Fresh cauliflower
My cauliflower baby
I've tried growing veg before and it always starts well, in an (expensive) rush of enthusiasm, but ends in drought, neglect and a trip to the supermarket. So I was surprised and delighted to return from holiday and find several presents from the cauliflower fairy.

"No need to wash it" I thought, as it has led a pure life, so I blanched it and added it to the party on my plate (shepherd's pie and shrink-wrapped broccoli). It tasted fresh, with a pleasing crunch, but just as I was about to take my last mouthful I realised it had brought a plus one (or plus 2)... I quickly turned it over to hide the pests from my children and tried not to think about how many other camouflaged caterpillars I'd swallowed.

Cooked cauliflower floret with caterpillars on it
The hungry caterpillar and friend
The remaining cauliflowers will be carefully washed, blanched, and frozen for use in soups (where it won't matter if the freezing process has rendered them a bit soggy) such as my Cauliflower Cheese Soup.

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